About Us

The Giovannini family has been a winemaker for three generations and has always carried out its work with dedication and passion.

The Giovannini company stands on the gentle slopes of the Imola area in the mid-1960s.

In this land of encounter between Emilia and Romagna, which has always been synonymous with generous conviviality and sincere devotion to the cult of Bacchus, the forefather of the Garibaldo Giovannini family began a passion that still, after fifty years, lives on unchanged in the passion of his son Giorgio and his nephew Jacopo.

From the cultivation of vines to aging in bottles, kept in a tunnel built inside the hill, the Giovannini wine thus rises to the fruit of the achieved balance between attention to the new and continuity with the past, in the unchanged passion for a job that has been handed down for generations.

Our present is conditioned by our future …

Present and future

Our present is conditioned by our future ……..

We are never satisfied, for us to produce high quality wines, never forgetting health and typicality, it is a goal that characterizes our present and our / your future.


Sani! yes, we want our wines to be still and less and less conditioned by chemistry, in nature there is everything enough to look for it and respect it.
A huge (we believe it, we hope it is for you too) project began with the 2008 harvest, search for our yeasts in our grapes, then vinify musts with their own.

Autochthonous selected yeasts, just to give more and more truth to what we believe, the territory and the grapes must increasingly be the true protagonists of our wines. In collaboration with ASTRA, a microbiology laboratory headed by Dr. Lorena Castellari, in 2007 we started our research project to select yeasts from our grapes. Since the 2011 harvest, after many micro-vinifications, we have used OUR yeasts for the fermentation of musts. Result obtained: even more real wines but above all a non-standardized taste.


Sulphites are a component that musts produce as self-defense autonomously, but man has the possibility to introduce them and Italian law indicates as a maximum limit in white wines 200 mg / l and in red wines 150 mg / l.
Our wines do not exceed 80 mg / l, few, it is a low quantity but, we want to do better, the studies will allow us to do this.

Vineyard treatments

Since the 2014 vintage, we have introduced another very important innovation to get our wines always healthier.
The vine, during the vegetation period, needs treatments to combat two of the main diseases from which it is struck, the Oidium and the Peronospera.
In Organic, only Sulfur can be used to combat Oidium, mixing it with water or powder.
For Peronospera, in organic, only copper can be used in a quantity equal to or less than 6 kg / ha but it creates toxicity to the plant and there is the probability of finding it later in the finished wine.
To avoid these two situations, toxicity and residue in wine, we practice defense with natural microorganisms.
This allows us to reduce toxicity on the leaf to a minimum, practically eliminating it, and thus allow the plant a better photosynthesis and avoid residual copper in the grapes and in the finished wine.