Vini Giovannini

Giovannini Farm

My name is Jacopo Giovannini and I can proudly tell you that we have been winemakers for 3 generations.

Founded in the mid-60s by the forefather of the family my grandfather Garibaldo Giovannini, the business continued thanks to my father Giorgio and about twenty years ago, after graduating from high school, I decided, albeit very young, to join the company.

Over the years I have inherited the passion and commitment of my family, first learning the work in the vineyard and then expanding the commercial network … I like to think of proposing to those who want to know us, a real wine, a witness of tradition of our land, leaving nothing to chance.

A few years ago, after becoming a father myself, a feminine touch has been added to the company thanks to the help of my wife Maddalena.

The Vineyards

The Giovannini farm is located on the Imola hills in the province of Bologna, in the Santerno Valley.

Located in a position that allows a dream view, there are 15 hectares of vineyards, all originating in our territory.

We mainly cultivate Albana, Sangiovese and Trebbiano grapes, in farms with loamy and clayey soil, which provide the grapes with unmistakable aromas.

Organic wine

Since 2014 we have converted our company following a model of sustainable development, where respect for the environment and the health of those who drink our wines are fundamental.

We have decided to ban all chemical products from the production process of our wines, instead stimulating the vines through natural processes for the development of a vine that produces healthy and rich grapes.