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bottiglia senza paura vino bianco passito

Senza Paura Passito white wine


50cl bottle

Type of Wine

Passito white wine

Visual exam

Intense yellow color and lively amber

Olfactory examination

Aromas of peach apricot honey

Gustatory examination

The sweet is only an initial sensation because it is carried away by the freshness and all the aromas that are smelled on the nose you can feel them in the mouth

Full Name: Senza Paura
Name: White native Romagna
Vintage: 2016
Grape variety: Wine from overripe grapes
Training system: Flipped
Plant Density 2500 / ha
Annual Production: 2000 bottles
Alcohol content: 15,5% VOL
Total Acidity: 10.8 g / l
Sugar residue: 0 g / l
Serving temperature: Optimal at 10-12 ° C

Vinification method

After a late harvest, the grapes are harvested and left to dry in special boxes under a shed for about a month.

The vinification and aging (for about 1 year) always takes place in concrete barrels.

It is then bottled manually, without being filtered

Characteristics Land and Vineyard

The vineyard from which we get Senza Paura was planted 37 years ago and is located in Imola in the province of Bologna.
Located on the Imola hills, more precisely in the Fondo Bellaria farm, it is characterized by a loamy and clayey soil located 150 meters above the sea level, with south-east exposure.

Gastronomic combinations

It is not a sweet passito but a passito that gives a certain sensation of acidity.

Perfect with aged castelmagno cheeses, gorgonzola